This page is a companion to the book: Cephalopods of the Pierre Seaway by Neal Larson.

Ammonites of the Fox Hills Formation

Sphenodiscus lenticularis

Sphenodiscus lenticularis

Sphenodiscus lenticularis

Jeletzkytes spedeni

Discoscaphites gulosus

Discoscaphites conradi

Hoploscaphites nicolleti

Jeletzkytes nebrascensis

Actinosepia canadensis

Didymoceras nebrascense and D. stevensoni

Ammonites of the Pierre Shale

Didymoceras nebrascense

Didymoceras stevensoni

Exiteloceras jennegi

Didymoceras cheyennese

Didymoceras bindosam

Baculites compressus

Baculites compressus

Placenticeras meeki

Placenticeras intecalare

Jeletzkytes nodosus

Jeletzkytes brevis

Jeletzkytes plenus

Rhaeboceras halli

Eutrephoceras elegans

Didymoceras cf. archiacianum

Solenoceras sp.

Ammonites of the World

Pachydiscus catarinae

Nostoceras draconis

Mammites depressus

Brewericeras huleneuse

Scaphites whitfieldi

Plesioturrilites sp.

Prolyelliceras sp.

Dactylioceras sp.

Psiloceras planorbis

Epiophoceras sp.

Harpoceras sp.

Hoplites sp.

Acanthotenthis sp.

Ancyloceras sp.

Cephalopods of the Pierre Seaway , a book by Neal Larson, covers 90 species, 32 genera and 13 families of some of the most beautiful animals the world has ever seen. Comprehensive and up-to-date, 180 pages with more than 200 photos, 60 detailed illustrations, and 9 full page plates.

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